GROUND, 2021

Site specific installation & music live event, in collaboration with musician Nash Whalen (Cal, US), at Extrapool, Nijmegen (NL), 30 January 2021

Watch here:

GROUND – a project by Wineke Gartz en Nash Whalen
Video-installation and livestream concert

For Extrapool, Wineke and Nash worked on a project that came about in corona time. The space of Extrapool is transformed into a total installation with objects and video images and sound. Nash, a geologist as well as a musician, has a remote presence in the form of a live streamed concert from San Francisco. GROUND stems from Winekes and Nash’s perspectives on a world in change, through climate change, political shifts and the a pandemic. Wineke experiences the threat of corona from Amsterdam; Nash was in lockdown in his San Francisco home, where the California wildfires could be smelled in a color-shifted sky for weeks. Nash: “With nowhere else to go, my backyard became the rest of the world, an extension of my home where the universe came to visit”. GROUND is an exploration of a universe in motion, in which Wineke’s images and Nash’s music propel each other in a continuous dialogue.

Wineke Gartz creates location-bound installations from her personal image archive. She regularly collaborates with musicians in forms of installations, live events and projections. Previously she collaborated with the American psychedelic rock band Wooden Shjips and their keyboardist Nash Whalen. Their repetitive music played an important role in her work.