Give Me Structure, I Give You Love I, 2014 

Site-specific installation: Video projections, drawings, marker pen on paper, pencils on paper, akrylic paint on paper, photographs, Xerox copies, inkjet prints on paper, vintage photograph, MDF constructions, iron, wood, impregnated cotton, drapes, plexiglas, foam board, colored window filters. Two video projectors, DVD players, amplifier & speakers DVD loops: ‘Scheveningen Sea and Zhangzou mountain and LA’ (29 min), ‘Sea Love Portraits’ (working title) (30 min with sound)

Photo 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8: Wineke Gartz
Photo 3 & 7 : Gerrit Schreurs

show : Playlisted ‘Give Me Structure, I Give You Love I'
Playlisted Wineke Gartz, ‘Give Me Structure, I Give You Love I’

Site specific installation, February 23th - April 27th 2014: Video projections; MDF constructions; iron; wood; impregnated painters coton; drapes; paper, plexiglas; foamboard; colour filter on windows. Two video projectors; two DVD players; amplifier and speaker boxes; DVD loops: ‘Scheveningen Zee & Zangzhou berg & LA’, 29' ‘Sea Love Portraits’ (work title), 30', with sound. Image- and text constellations: Drawings: Pencil and marker on paper: ‘oval oral, oval oral, oval oral, oval oral’ (2013), ‘oval oral’ (2013), ‘give me theory, I give you love’ (2013), ‘Congratulations’ (2013), ‘yellow email address’ (2012), ‘Why and why’ (2013), ‘fluent CV’ (2012), ‘new, new’ (2013), ‘Setting free theory and matter, W. Gartz’ (2013), ‘The art of being present’ (2009), ‘chinese plant’ (2012), ‘peace feather sketch’ (2012), ‘dooming’ (2014), ‘glooming’ (2014), ‘finding’ (2013), ‘HU WINI WA- A-A-A’ (2013) based on Zuni song text from 'Finding the Center, Narrative poetry of the Zuni Indians', Dennis Tedlock, University of Nebraska Press (1978), ‘untitled’ (2014), ‘Het goed en kwaad, plan en schema’ (2009), ‘japanese grungies’ (2003), ‘Why I am here, why I am here, why I am here’ (2013), ‘Why I am here schema’ (2013), ‘men and women welcome back home’ (2013), ‘visualising lost home back home’ (2013).‘bouncing’ (2014), ‘Welcome Home’ (2013), ‘The Back Home Home’ (2013), ‘Everything I did and Why’ (2013), ‘Ma át, Ma át, Ma át, Ma át’(2013), ‘Ma át, Ma át’(2013), ‘oval oral’ (2013), ‘Ziggy’ (2013), ‘The correct Path’ (2012), ‘Seven Spirals’ (2013), ‘Thank you’ (2012), ‘Hips, boatje’ (2013), ‘Good Trip, Bad Trip’ (2013), untitled (2013), ‘love drones’ (2012), ‘O’s and o’s’ (2012), ‘oval oral little face’ (2013); Watercolor on paper: ‘meisjesportret’ (2009); Acrylic paint on paper: ‘Raam’ (2008), ‘Portret’ (2013), ‘Grey from Usikuuva’ (2013), ‘Lichtblauw’ (2013), ‘Green’ (2014), ‘Yellow’ (2014), ‘Invitation blue (purple)’ (2014), ‘Purple’ (2014), ‘Afrikahuis inkt tekening’ (2013), black drape windows’ (2013), ‘Grass’ (2013), ‘Rood’ (2012), ‘occulist Tsar’ (2013); Acrylic paint and aerosol paint on paper: ‘untitled’ (2012); Photo prints: ‘TV Themrocs’ (2008), ‘The Communicator, pink yellow & blue’ (2008), Afrikahuis (2008), ‘AH Hamsterweken Kleurenkorting’ (2008); Xerox photo copies: ‘Dolphins’ (2011), black & white copy of ‘Family of Light Dolphin Communion’, Copyrighted by Peter and Birgitte Fich Christiansen, courtesy of Devine Light Images; Inkjet prints on paper: ‘wineke in Katariina tooi’ (2013), ‘Oman Lobby Dream’ (2011), ‘Earth print’ (2011), ‘30 Rockefeller Center’s murals - American Progress’ (2009); Vintage photo: ‘ordinary Bruce Lee’; Clipping: Lucardi Juweller advertisement; Flyers: MixT ’Dare to Mix’, babydoll Sucker Punch; Post card: cat; Sound credits: Jesges ‘violet sea’, spoken text based on Kaypacha’s Pele Report May 2013, new paradigm astrology; Music: DJ Harvey ‘San Diego part 2’