Hot Freaks, 2012

Site-specific installation: Video projectors, slide projectors, drawings, marker pen on paper, paint on paper, photo copies and photographs, fabrics, sculptures, iron, wood, MDF, laths, stones, colored tube-light, earrings, necklace, mirrors, twigs, branch
Soloshow; site-specific total installation at Nest, The Hague, NL


Photographs 1-6: Jhoeko

Photographs 7-9: Jan Adriaans


Hot Freaks explores Gartz's interest in the way new worlds, cities and utopias are visualized - specifically in the spiritual realm. As such, the design of the installation echoes a temple. There is a binary logic to the choice of video footage – dark/light, male/female, inside/outside. The primary contrast shines a light on contemporary and ancient comparisons between east and west. This is done as a way of investigating myths of truth and reality. The work, which combines video, drawings and sculptural elements, contains mixed footage shot in China, Hong Kong, America and Europe. These varied elements comprise a sprawling installation in which surfers on the Dutch coast are superimposed onto a pyramid of sand found on a Chinese construction site, while images of Hollywood stars (the Hot Freaks of the title) linger like contemporary pharaohs.