just to understand, 2015
84 x 119 cm. Laserprint

'a life isn’'t enough to to love you and one life time isn’t enough to live, took the risk just to understand because I am yeah yeah' (ziggy marley)

Installation view: Violette Vlam, 2012, 98 x 141 cm, foil, foam board, painters tape; Wind Up Dan, installation version, 2015, 150 x 91,4 cm, wood, digital print, three bracelets; just to understand, 2015, 84 x 119 cm, laserprint

Wind Up Dan, 2015
150 x 91,4 cm. Digital print

The belly drawing is inspired on an illustration by Joseph A. Smith from the book 'Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field' by Barbara Brennan, Transworld Publishers Ltd. ISBN13 9780553345391

Opening Rings, work notes on Paul Thek’s archived letter, 2015
50 x 71 cm. Inkjet on photo paper. Edition 3 + 1 AP